Arcus has worked with a number of organisations to successfully improve project management.

Services include:

Our first step is always to understand the culture of our client and their requirements before creating a bespoke solution.  Arcus will typically want to ensure that:

  • Business benefits are carefully defined and then drive project decisions;
  • There is role clarity and buy-in, which is essential - key roles include the Steering Committee/Sponsor, Project Manager (PM) and Users;
  • Single point accountability is defined for all aspects of the project, including communication with all stakeholders and the management of all necessary permissions and approvals;
  • There is a disciplined and consistent approach, YET it is both flexible and non-bureaucratic enough to cover both large and small projects;
  • The PM is competent and drives the project management process from start to end;
  • There is front end focus which maximises the chance of success;
  • The simplest tools appropriate to the project are used;
  • There is empowerment and team-working - people make projects work; and,
  • Communication is simple and clear.